Thursday, 12 January 2012

Bremont's new ALT1-WT

In 2010 Bremont was commissioned to produce a unique global timer chronometer for the military C-17 Globemaster crew around the world. The watch is certainly one of the more intricate and complicated military watches ever produced. Design features of the Bremont C-17 include the etched globe on the dial and a Roto-Click bezel that enables the user to work out the global time zones using the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) airfield identifiers. Each identifier represents a C-17 landing location in all 24 time zones. The watch itself can show UTC or 'Zulu' time through its adjustable 24-hour hand.

Bremont have now developed this ‘Globemaster’ watch as the Bremont World Timer (ALT1-WT) for the civilian market and produced their first global timer watch for use by pilots and travelers all over the world. Launched in a new Trip-Tick case with Roto-click bezel and a very complex, highly finished dial the watch has been wonderfully over-engineered. The steel used in the case construction has been hardened through a series of processes at high temperatures to give it a hardness and scratch resistance of 2000 Vickers. A standard untreated 316L stainless steel watch case will naturally be around 300 Vickers. The internal bezel, which is operated by the crown at 8 o'clock, uses a mechanism developed by the company (integrating a series of ball-bearings) that allows the user to turn the bezel with a satisfying 'click' for each minute turned. The date window takes inspiration from the Globemaster’s Head Up Display (HUD). The Bremont World Timer will be available in three striking dial variations, Blue, Black and White. The watch will be priced at £3,995 in the UK and $5695 USD.

The sapphire crystal covering the dial has nine layers of anti-reflective treatment on each side of the crystal reducing light reflections on the crystal face by up to 95%. This treatment is specially designed to be as scratch resistant as the sapphire crystal it has been applied to.

The modified automatic chronometer (COSC) certified BE-54AE movement is beautifully finished at Bremont's ateliers in the UK and Switzerland, and once wound, will use the movement of the wearer to keep its mainspring fully wound. The decorated movement can be seen through a sapphire exhibition crystal case back. The watch is presented in a leather travel wallet, hand-made in England, it comes with a strap changing tool and an extra NATO military nylon strap along with the watch's COSC certification.

The C-17, nicknamed "Globemaster III" is a 4-engine, high-wing, T-tailed military transport aircraft operated by the United States Air Force, the United Kingdom Royal Air Force, the Royal Australian Air Force, the Canadian Air Force and the Qatar EMIRI Air-Force. The aircraft is primarily used for strategic and tactical airlift of cargo and troops to main operating bases, or forward operating bases, anywhere in the world. It can rapidly deploy a combat unit to a battle area and sustain it with supplies.

The Bremont World Timer will be available for release summer 2012.

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