Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Hanhart Presents their new watch cases


Watch cases made from nickel-free stainless steel that is

more than 100 times more scratch-resistant

Hanhart is the only watch brand in the world to use a certain kind of nickel-free

stainless steel for its wrist chronograph cases. This steel has been treated using

a special finishing process, making it extremely hard and therefore improving its

scratch resistance by more than 10,000%. The use of this finishing process is

patented for the watch- and jewellery making industry under the brand name


Hanhart is an undisputed specialist in producing robust and hard-wearing

instrument watches for use in the air, on the land and on the sea. In extreme

cases, these timepieces may be put under high levels of stress as they help

guide their users safely and reliably through whatever challenges they face.

This is why the Swiss-German watch brand has opted to use HDSPro® steel for

the cases of its mechanical chronographs in the future, making it the first

manufacturer in the watch industry across the world to do so. This steel offers

the perfect combination of hardness, resistance to corrosion and nickel-free


An innovative finishing process gives the watch case a surface structure that is

at least three times tougher than before. Compared to the varieties of stainless

steel previously used, this results in a more than 100-fold, and thus more than

10,000%, improvement in scratch resistance. This means that watches that are

put under a lot of stress will look as good as new even after years of wear!

Aside from its exceptional scratch resistance, this processed steel is also

distinguished by its outstanding resistance to corrosion, which is comparable

with any of the highest quality stainless steels available. Since the steel is not

coated during the finishing process, the authentic look and feel of the material

is retained and, moreover, there is no risk of chipping any layers of coating that

have been applied.

Last but not least, this steel does not contain any nickel, so watch cases made

from this material do not pose any known allergy risk.

The first Hanhart watches with cases made from scratch-resistant and nickelfree

HDSPro® stainless steel are due to be launched in 2012.


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