Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Latest MB&F Collaboration

This just in from MB&F -

Every so often, we like to share our work with someone we admire, in a special co-creation exercise – we do this by asking an external creator to reinterpret one of our Machines. You might remember the HM2.2 “Blackbox” designed with Alain Silberstein; the impressive “JWLRYMACHINE” by Boucheron; or the unique pieces we donated to the “Only Watch” charity auctions, created with artists Sage Vaughn and Huang Hankang. We call these special co-creations “Performance Art”.

Today we present our fifth Performance Art piece, with a new guest star. Another jeweller? A designer? An architect?
No – this time, we teamed up with… a watchmaker! Not your standard watchmaker though – a great talent who worked with the very best in Switzerland for 10 years, before returning to his native Finland :


Courtesy of MB&F
Stepan’s horological skills are matched by his amazing sense of design. If you’re familiar with the timepieces he has created since 2003, you’ll know one of his signature design elements: his iconic moon face. So when we gave Stepan our HM3 Frog to play with, he naturally transformed it into :


Courtesy of MB&F
You’ll find the Sarpaneva DNA in this new series of Machines. The twin hand-finished moons indicate the moon-phase through a Korona-shaped aperture. 

Courtesy of MB&F
The 22k gold and steel northern sky adds a stunning background: the stars are laser-pierced, allowing light to reflect from the movement underneath. And there’s a twist: this star-filled sky is in fact the revolving rotor, bringing not only metaphoric life to the MOONMACHINE, but also literally providing life as it generates power for the movement.

Courtesy of MB&F
MOONMACHINE is 3 Limited Editions of 18 pieces each, in titanium, black titanium and red gold.

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