Friday, 25 May 2012

You should know about Cacheux

This is the Cacheux 8 from Cacheux Haute-Horlogerie.  
This is a very limited edition - only 8 pieces will be created.  And in keeping with the theme of 8 -

An 8 carat diamond
The watch contains 88 grams 0f 18 carat gold
The number 8 is displayed in gold as a functional part of the dial

In all honesty, I had been sailing merrily along without even knowing that these folks were out there.  So in the interest of filling in some of the gaps in my education, here is some information:

1.  Not Swiss, but French!

2.  Cacheux creates a very few pieces each year - the Cacheux 8, for instance, will only have 8 pieces.

3.  The founder and owner is Fabien Cacheux

4.  Mr. Cacheux is clearly a man of many talents - designer, watch enthusiast, and now the resurrector of his family's champagne business. 

For more information - please visit their site -

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