Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Perrelet's Turbine Toxic Special Edition

Perrelet Rocks With the New Release of the Eye-Catching
Turbine Toxic Special Edition

Courtesy of Perrelet
The slightly provocative Turbine Toxic model plays with danger by displaying an eye-catching trendy skull symbol, appearing in precious form at the heart of this Special Edition timepiece featuring an automatic P-331 Double Rotor movement, exclusive to Perrelet. 
A universally adopted aesthetic intended to signal the presence of toxic substances, the skull appeared in classical art as a symbol of the past, before coming to symbolize piracy in the 18th century, and then cer­tain well-known motorbike fans in the 1950s... It has now lost its taboo connotations to become a symbol of freedom that has spread throughout all echelons of the fashion world.

Courtesy of Perrelet

Beneath the optical effect created by the 12-blade wheel rotating across the Turbine Toxic models, the human skull appears in a truly luxurious interpretation. The men's version is set with 210 dia­monds (0.82 cts) and the ladies' variation with 155 dia­monds (0.59 cts). The resulting effects are all the more luminous in that they are set against an all-black back­ground spread across the cases, dials and straps.
Courtesy of Perrelet

The line offers a choice of two sizes - the bold Turbine Toxic XL model measuring 50 millimeters (mm) in diame­ter; a DLC-treated steel watch on a rubber strap, and the more demure 41 mm-diameter Turbine Toxic XS in DLC-treated steel on a rubber or satin strap.

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