Saturday, 14 January 2012

HERITAGE WATCH MANUFACTORY presents its new timepiece VIATOR

Neuchâtel, January 13th 2012 – With the new VIATOR and its cal. 840 movement, HERITAGE WATCH MANUFACTURY will present its fourth timepiece at the GTE 2012. Just as the TENSUS, MAGNUS and CENTENUS models, the VIATOR unites the art of traditional watchmaking, unheard-of precision and extraordinary longevity with the advantages of a GMT watch.

Again constructed by master watchmaker Karsten Fraessdorf, the VIATOR is a completely in-house developed timepiece. As a GMT watch, the VIATOR displays a second time zone underneath the 12 o’clock numerals. The immediately jumping hour allows synchronization in just a few seconds through its quick-change mechanism. Its extraordinary movement incorporates three patented mechanisms for fine regulation and hence for un-heard of accuracy: VIVAX precision balance, special SECTATOR mechanism for fine regulation of the escapement and TENERE balance cock. Christian Gütermann as co-founder and member of the board comments: “With the new VIATOR timepiece commuting between different worlds and time zones will not become easier or faster, but it will definitely become more enjoyable.”

The technical perfection of the movement concept of the VIATOR finds its counterpart in the restrained, elegant design – again penned by Eric Giroud. Especially the dial of the VIATOR fascinates through its nuanced interplay of space and volume, lending the depth of its reliefs a particular character. Inspired by the convex enamelled dials of 18th century Parisian pendulum clocks, the avant-garde dial of the VIATOR, with its six concentrically arranged applications, perfectly meshes with the case and the crystal and imparts an air of timeless classicism. The curved hands complement this design, following the curvature of the glass and strengthening the depth of the reliefs of the VIATOR. In the spirit of the housings used to protect valuable clock movements during chronometry competitions, the design of the casing visualises its origins. With its air of noble discretion and a timelessly classic appearance, the design has notably succeeded in capturing the uniqueness of the mechanism and the inner values of the HERITAGE WATCH MANUFACTORY timepieces in a visual sense. With its functional and clean lines, it reflects above all the mechanical character of the chronometer. Each detail of the decoration has its origin in Switzerland.


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