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LADOIRE Genève RGT Custom “Origin of the sun”

This just in from Ladoire -

Lionel Ladoire, founder of LADOIRE Genève, has just finished creating a unique RGT piece christened“Origin of the Sun”.
Courtesy of Ladoire
For many years, Lionel has been passionate about Japanese culture, admiring its aestheticism, attention to detail and excellence. Particularly fascinated by the design of the Japon Impérial Flag, Lionel wanted to pay homage to the Japanese people who, over the centuries, have always shown courage and positive strength.

Lionel Ladoire therefore decided to set himself the great technical and aesthetic challenge of creating this exclusive timepiece which required over 300 hours of work.
“Origin of the Sun” pays tribute to Japan, known locally as Nippon or Nihon meaning “the sun’s origin”. Indeed, Nippon/Nihon is written in kanji using the two ideograms 日本, the first denoting “sun” or “day” and the second denoting “origin” or “root”.

The latter is engraved on the crown side of the titanium case.

Courtesy of Ladoire
Meanwhile, the platinum hand-cut display shows the Japon Impérial Flag.
This exceptional timepiece will be officially presented in Japan during May 2012, under the high patronage of the Japanese Consul to Geneva.

This unique haute horlogerie creation will be sent to auction where 30 per cent of the sale price will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross for victims of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.
Courtesy of Ladoire
Technical Specifications
Movement manufactured by Ladoire : Calvet/o1
  • Calibre with automatic winding-mechanism, manufactured «Calvet/01/RGT» 26 jewels, on plate : 9h 3h > 39.50mm / 12h 6h > 29.50mm, thickness 9.30mm.
  • Bridges of circular geometry with special red satin-finish painting, angle hand-polished
  • Shaped main plate with cut-out and special red satin-finish painting
  • Shaped main plate with special white mat paint
  • Micro rotor up-lifted with two parts 15/2, Position 6 o'clock
  • Balance at 8.40
  • Escapement 15.1
  • Optimized gear train profile
  • Frequency 18,000 a/h (2.5Hz)
  • Power-reserve 48 hours

  • Hours, minutes, seconds. Time setting with the crown, position 8 o'clock
  • Indication H, M, S by discs set on ceramic ball-bearing (Lubrication/OFF)
  • GMT with fast correction position 2 and 4 o'clock
  • GMT indication by profiled hand
  • Bezel and back-case in White Gold with black PVD coating, case in Titanium
  • Dimensions 9h 3h > 56mm / 12h 6h > 45mm, thickness 16.3mm
  • Bezel sapphire crystal incurved with anti-reflection treatment
  • Back-case sapphire crystal convex with anti-reflection treatment
  • Water resistance 50 meters / 165 feet
  • Black full-grain hand-stiched calf leather, brass and silicone insert
  • Articulated RGT buckle white gold and titanium black PVD
RGT Custom “Origin of the sun” - UNIQUE PIECE


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