Friday, 20 July 2012

Fine Arabian Stallions Timed by GRIEB & BENZINGER

It’s gotten around in the world of watches: GRIEB & BENZINGER fulfills horological dreams. In order to realize the wish of a watch collector and horse enthusiast from the Arabian region, GRIEB & BENZINGER created the POLARIS from 2011’s BOUTIQUE Collection in solid white gold and palladium alloy. Thanks to the passion for his noble Arabian stallions, the watch for this collector needed to have an unostentatious color scheme to harmonize with a special saddle especially made for him as well as made-to-measure riding boots and the steel parts of a riding harness. A white-gold-and-honey-brown combination allowed GRIEB & BENZINGER to fulfill the wishes of the client. This watch crafted in the subtle white gold and palladium alloy displays an impressively restrained hand-guilloché bezel and a solid case that simultaneously testifies to the substantial value of this watch.
Courtesy of Grieb & Benzinger
Like hardly another, GRIEB & BENZINGER knows how to fulfill the wishes of its clients with traditional technology and exceptional design, creating a handmade unique piece with high exclusivity. The mechanical movement with in-house modifications was, like all GRIEB & BENZINGER watches, created in traditional craftsmanship using historical machines and tools: skeletonization, guilloché and engraving are all completed by hand to achieve one impressive movement with a great deal of character.

The multiple-part dial is a work of art: the hand-guilloché and semi-skeletonized base dial allows a view of the technical movement modification of the hour and minute indications. It is crafted in solid Sterling silver and glows with a white Breguet frosted finish, a technique that is currently only applied by GRIEB & BENZINGER. The applied red gold skeletonized dial elements hover gracefully over the base dial.

Courtesy of Grieb & Benzinger


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