Thursday, 25 October 2012

Meridian Watches - Made in England!

What's that you say?  Who is Meridian? 

In just a few weeks' time, Salon QP will convene and with it, the introduction of Meridian's range of timekeepers.  Meridian is a new brand, based in England.  And by that I don't mean a P.O. box or bunch of offices.  These watches are all made by hand in England!  

I don't want to steal their thunder - so here is a preliminary sketch to give you a flavor.  What I can tell you is that these are truly HAND MADE watches.  No mass stamping, outsourcing from third-party suppliers - no compromising.  This is the real deal.

This will be a watch that you not only want to have now, but for a lifetime.   Folks, as you can imagine, I see and handle a LOT of watches - this is something that is truly going to take your breath away.  It is not a show pony, to be locked up in your safe - this is a watch that demands to be worn!
Courtesy of Meridian

Here's the news - straight from the source -

In rural Norfolk, The Meridian Watch Company are hand-making watches that remind the world of England’s proud watchmaking heritage.

As proclaimed by their slogan, 'Made in England', Meridian manufactures the components and sources the materials from the home of Byron and Blake. From the case and back, machined as a pair to fit perfectly, to the leather or webbing strap, hand- stitched in Surrey, every element is carefully hand-worked to their exacting standards and English sensibilities – understated, enduring and purposeful. Lastly, the base Swiss movement is hand-finished in Meridian's style – with added complications improving accuracy – and the watch is assembled in the workshop.

Meridian watches are intended to be worn, knocked about and enjoyed: the straps grow to the individual contours of your wrist, the sapphire crystal is coated on both sides by a British military contractor for unsurpassed clarity and toughness, and the case has been designed to handle a lifetime's exposure to the elements, both in England and abroad. To facilitate this, the packaging includes a complimentary passport holder from SmythsonTM of Bond Street. Handmade tools also accompany every Meridian timepiece. 

You can watch the countdown to release here -

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