Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Grieb & Benzinger and the Year of the Dragon

The Year of the Dragon 2012 inspired the workshops of Benzinger Boutique by GRIEB & BENZINGER on the request of its Chinese partners to create something really special: The Year of the Dragon Edition.

In China, the dragon has always been the symbol of imperial power – a symbol for happiness, peace, protection and destiny. According to one legend, the Chinese see themselves as the progeny of the dragon, and children born in the Year of the Dragon are said to have the same characteristics as the dragon itself: the child will be intelligent, benevolent, strong and just.

This new dragon collection of 2012 alludes to and combines Chinese mythology with the craftsmanship of GRIEB & BENZINGER, for which the workshop is famed. This collection is the most lavish line of watches ever dedicated to the Year of the Dragon.

All the watches in this line – typical of all watches created by GRIEB & BENZINGER, are skeletonized, guilloché and engraved by hand. The collection comprises eight models of eight pieces each – eight being the lucky number in China. All movements are hand-skeletonized and bear the number of limitation (1/8 through 8/8) hand-skeletonized into the gear train bridge.

  1. The mother-of-pearl models WHITE and GREY DRAGON. Their mother-of-pearl dials allude to the pearl that the male dragon carries underneath his chin. This pearl symbolizes great wisdom and the happiness-bringing energy of the dragon as well as absolute purity and order. The WHITE DRAGON is available in white gold with 77 diamonds or in white gold with a guilloché bezel. The GREY DRAGON is available in rose gold with 77 diamonds or in rose gold with a guilloché bezel.

  1. The BLACK DRAGON includes China’s favorite colors: black and red. The dragon hovers over a skeletonized Sterling silver dial, which covers a blackened, hand-skeletonized movement. The BLACK DRAGON is available in rose gold with 77 diamonds or in rose gold with a guilloché bezel.

  1. BLUE DRAGON is the masterpiece of the dragon collection. The dragon is fully skeletonized out of the movement itself and majestically floats within the case. Chinese handicrafts have a long tradition, and this is acknowledged in the form of the fine skills exhibited by GRIEB & BENZINGER within the BLUE DRAGON: skeletonization, guilloché, engraving and watchmaking. Since there were a striking amount of timepieces with blue base plates supplied by Switzerland (through Bovet and Charles Oudin among others) in imperial China of the Qing Dynasty under Emperors Jia Qing and Dao Guang, BLUE DRAGON also symbolizes these historical roots. BLUE DRAGON is available in white gold with 124 baguette-cut diamonds or in white gold with a guilloché bezel.

Prices from 32,500 Euros up to 65,000 Euros (net price, ex Germany).



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