Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Swiss watch manufacturer impresses through uncompromising construction of its mechanics

Neuchâtel, January 17th 2012 – The HERITAGE WATCH MANUFACTORY wins the Geneva Time Exhibition SuperWatch Award competition, held this year for the second time. With its TENSUS model, the Swiss company convinced the jury with its uncompromising construction of its mechanics.

The TENSUS model from the Manufactory succeeded with its caliber 880 movement. Constructed by master watchmaker Karsten Fraessdorf, the movement of the TENSUS sets new standards in precision. Its extraordinary timekeeping accuracy is based on five patented mechanisms built around the precision balance with triple anchor escapement and constant power. Two further innovative mechanisms permit, for the first time ever, absolutely precise fine adjustment of both the escapement and the hairspring. These, together with the twin mainspring barrel, which has also been separately developed, make the TENSUS a perfect instrument for measuring time. Karsten Fraessdorf comments: "When developing the TENSUS, we returned to basic chronometric principles. All our movements have been designed as a result of our original striving after the greatest possible timekeeping accuracy. We have now achieved this, albeit at an entirely new level technically."

Christian Gütermann, Member of the Board of the Company, notes: "Winning this award is an overwhelming honor for us. It confirms us in our approach - to be satisfied only through striving for absolute perfection. And this is exactly how we intend to continue in extending our collection – in Basel we already will present a new revolutionary watch, which underlines our roots in the true art and history of watchmaking."


The HERITAGE WATCH MANUFACTORY, headquartered in the Swiss city of Neuchâtel, makes high-precision mechanical watches in strictly limited quantities. Characteristics of these chronometers are their extraordinary longevity and a timekeeping accuracy that completely redefines the previously held understanding of precision in mechanical watches. In order to produce these chronometric masterpieces, the Manufactory, established in 2010 and in private possession, works exclusively with movements it has itself conceived and constructed.


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