Friday, 2 March 2012

Henrik Fisker is the New Brand Ambassador for Maurice Lacroix Zurich

Zurich, March 2012 “The world’s first electric sports car with extended range was just a dream. Until I created it.” says Henrik Fisker, Founder of Fisker Automotive and designer of some of the world’s most iconic sports cars. Henrik always believed that high performance could be eco-friendly too and created his Electric Vehicle extended range (Ever) luxury car, the “Karma”. With this development, Henrik added a new chapter to the history of the automobile. At Maurice Lacroix, we share his innovative spirit, creating our unique Swiss movements and award-winning designs by hand.

Marc Gläser, Managing Director at Maurice Lacroix S.A.: “Maurice Lacroix stands for a contemporary interpretation of the Swiss art of watchmaking. Who better than Henrik Fisker, whose concept has revolutionized the car industry, to represent our products and values? Our common basis lies in the similarity of our approach.” Henrik Fisker, as brand ambassador for Maurice Lacroix, finds the combination of restrained design with superb construction and skilful craftsmanship particularly pleasing: “When I saw Maurice Lacroix watches for the first time, I was immediately inspired. I see a very close connection with these watches and the beauty of a car. For me personally, this is an important similarity. This is what makes life exciting.”

Henrik Fisker has designed cars for such brands as BMW and Aston Martin, which are regarded as icons of the sportscar industry all over the world. But the existing automotive landscape was too limited for him. So, together with his partner Bernhard Koehler, he forged a radically new perspective for the future of car development. They realized that their idea represented an opportunity for a new start. Their vision became reality when they formed Fisker Automotive in California in 2007. Speaking of this time, Henrik Fisker says:

“There are turning points in life that take you in a new direction. You need to follow your convictions and give it everything you’ve got. If you really believe in it, the risk is worth it. And then comes true success.” And success did come: just four years later the world’s first electric vehicle extended range (Ever) luxury car, the “Karma”, left the workshop. A few months later several thousand Karmas had been sold.


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