Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Eberhard & Co “Sistema Magini” fetches 56,000 Euros at auction

On May 29th, this  Meeting Art Auction House the so-called "Sistema Magini" brought an impressive winning bid of 56,000 Euros, the winning bidder for now remaining anonymous.  This pocket chronograph was named for the navigator who tested it - Publio Magini.
Courtesy of Eberhard & Co.

The watch, later referred to as “Metodo Magini” by Eberhard & Co. was produced in the early 1940s. 
It features a 24-hour split-second chronograph by Eberhard & Co. housed in a chromium-plated metal case with a push button coaxial to the crown.   The chronograph is activated by a rectangular push button located at the 4 hour marker, with corrector push buttons at the 16 and 24 indices to enable quick setting and adjustment of the month and date.
Courtesy of Eberhard

“Sistema Magini” is printed on the silver-colored dial.  The dial itself is a 24 hour layout with further division into 60 minutes/seconds, and displays for both the day and month.   The hand-winding movement is branded, as is the case back.

In 1943 an order was confirmed by the Italian Air force for 10 standard and 10 split-second chronographs with the Magini wording on the dial, according to an Eberhard document from 1943.

However, history intervened, with the war ending and these 20 pieces were never assembled, making this model unique and even more valuable.

But you never know - maybe Eberhard will decide to make some playmates for this orphan.  

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