Friday, 8 June 2012

Fortis's "World View"

Courtesy of Fortis
Having lived in Japan, Portugal, Scotland, Finland, Canada as well as the US - a watch like this new one from Fortis really speaks to me.  This is the Limited Edition FORTIS B-47 WORLD TIMER GMT.

It has all of the things you want to have in a GMT/multiple timezone watch.  And yes, there have been many world-time watches with a global map on the dial.  And here is where I go off-topic yet again -
Growing up in the US on the tail end of the atomic age, well let's face it, we were pretty full of ourselves.  America was (in our very limited scope of imagination) the center of the world.  And any map in any school in the US would bear that out - USA front and center with Europe to the right, and asia to the left - and no, I don't think that was political, just geographical.  

My grandfather, who was a Seabee in the Big War would have probably dropped dead on the spot from disappointment to know that I was living and working in Japan. And it wasn't until I moved to Japan, and set foot into a Japanese school room that I realized that, in fact, Japan was the center of the earth!  There on the world map, Japan front and center, with the US to the right, and Korea and China to the left.  And given the anxieties the Japanese were feeling in the early 1990s, that could have been interpreted as political ; )

And then we moved to Portugal, and the earth moved again!  Portugal, front and center of the school room map.  Do you see a trend emerging?

This is why this new world timer from Fortis speaks to me - it takes a more "global" view of geography - positioning the world from the point of view of the North Pole.  Can't say fairer than that!

Courtesy of Fortis
 So let's talk about specifics -

Hours, minutes, seconds and date.  GMT with 24 hour indices on the inner dial.

All housed in a 47 mm stainless steel case, with a bi-directional bezel with international cities engraved to further enhance the multi-time zone feature.  Available with a black dial, or silver. Limited to 2012 pieces.

See the world this summer!

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