Sunday, 4 March 2012

Angular Momentum - Sparkling Treasures of the Sea

Sparkling Treasures of the Sea - Sparkling Timepiece Collection

1.4435NcU Staybrite "Cup" shape case mirror polished with 50.100 ct. sapphire crystal, historical (NOS manufactured 1959) hand-winding movement caliber ETA 2512.1, Staybrite crown with cabochon Onyx, Staybrite back with 45.000 ct. sapphire crystal dusted with diamond glitter and lacquered on its reverse. The dial made of black "Urushi" Japan lacquer simulating black sand, dusted with diamond splitters, treasures of the sea finely rendered in very high relief "takamaki" Japan lacquer spread on the dial among little pearls. (Unique Piece)


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